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Welcome to www.fahrradklingel-shop.de

In 2011, a customer of our store (Rad Sport Koch) was looking for a very special bicycle bell for his bicycle. Researching this bell on the Internet gave rise to the idea of ​​an owner-operated online shop only for bicycle bells.

2015 - now we are relying on this simple idea:
order bike bells from the comfort of your home! Benefit from our extensive range at low prices, regardless of where you live or shop opening hours. It is often difficult to find the right bicycle bell in a shop. In most cases, the local dealer has to limit himself to a limited range of bicycle bells.
With us in online retailers you not only benefit from a very large selection of different manufacturers and designs. We also offer the quality and selection that you are looking for. And in the event that something does not fit, there is a 14-day exchange right.

Cycling keeps you "young" and "fit" - this motto is more relevant than ever ...

In the last few years our beloved bike has been very popular again! Young and old are enjoying more and more sporty trekking, mountain biking or simply cycling to the bakery, also thanks to the e-bike boom.
The bicycle is now universal: sports equipment, leisure partner and status symbol.

The right bicycle bell is the icing on the cake and the icing on the cake for the bicycle fan and anyone who wants to become one.

Our range of bicycle bells therefore ranges from unusual designs to classics to versatile all-rounders.

Because of the numerous orders and the positive response from our great customers, we can assert ourselves quite well against the big "global players" and marketplaces, even if we are sometimes not necessarily the cheapest. Thanks a lot for this!!

So, now have fun browsing,
your bicycle bell shop team

2020 in September: Michael is on board - bicycle expert, fan of everything that rings and tinkles as well as creator, together with our dear and respected designer and illustrator Maggie, of the extremely popular BlackForestBikeBell - Edition (under the label of "swisstrailbell-design") .